Introducing Mountaine Meadows Little Dishes

Just like Mountaine Meadows plaques, these Little Dishes are lovingly handmade of all natural and recycled materials, by Deborah and her staff, in our Vermont studio.

Use Mountain Meadows Little Dishes to hold spoons, teabags, small soaps, paperclips, rings, etc.

I'll take a caffe mocha vodka valium latte to go please - Little Dish

The perfect place for your spoon when making your morning coffee.

Mountain Meadows Little Dishes are dishwasher safe.

When in doubt add more wine

Add a little whimsy to your diner party by placing Little Dishes on your table.

The sayings Deborah has chosen are special because of the way they speak personally to the important people in our lives, making them smile and laugh.

Don't cry over spilled milk... It could have been wine.

This Little Dish makes a great hostess gift.

All our products are created from soft pliable clay that is mixed here, in our Vermont Studio, and formed by hand. Each individual Little Dish is hand decorated with forms inspired by musical notation, cosmic spheres and astrological imagery.

Little Dishes made by Mountain Meadows Pottery feature specially designed packaging with the gift wrap built right in.

Watch the video in the link above to see how the packaging easily turns the Little Dish into a lovely gift that is all ready to give.


9041 Little Dish Wrapper grey background

The gift wrapper is built right into the packaging.

Funny Desk Plaque for Nurses

Show your appreciation to all the hardworking nurses out there with this humorous desk plaque from Mountaine Meadows Pottery.

A desk plaque that is sure to bring a smile to the face of any nurse, every time they see it. This handmade ceramic plaque is made in neutral earth tones with a heavy copper wire stand. You can also flip the wire up if you prefer to hang your plaque on a wall.

Nurses here to save your ass not to kiss it

Perfect gift for a male Nurse!


Mountaine Meadows Pottery also has a selection of humorous sayings for other professions, as well as  funny office plaques.

Y’all Should See Our Newest Magnet

Mountaine Meadows Pottery has added some new magnets to our collection for fall of 2011.

Here is a saying that’s great for the refrigerator or the office. “What part of y’all, don’t y’all understand?”

What part of y'all, don't y'all understand?

Handmade of sturdy ceramic with an extra strong magnet

If y’all would like to see more funny office magnets, visit our Mountaine Meadows Pottery website.

Great Housewarming Gifts

Mountaine Meadows Pottery has some great gifts for the home for under $20.

Here is a wonderful ceramic wall plaque for anyone who lives near the water.

If You're Lucky Enough To Have A House By The Water You're Lucky Enough

Ceramic wall plaque for the home

If you’re lucky enough to have a house by the water, you’re lucky enough. Although, if you’re lucky enough to spend time on an island, here is an island saying by Rachel Field that you might enjoy.

If once you have slept on an island you will never be quite the same. Rachel Field

Memories of Special Times

Wonderful housewarming gift, with warm saying about home.

Your home is your sanctuary. Take a deep breath, you’re home now.

Take a deep breath you're home now

Relax and let the worries of the day drain away

All three of these ceramic plaques are made and decorated by hand with our trademark blueberry pattern. See all our ceramic wall plaques, ceramic desk plaques and ceramic magnets at

Great Gifts for Shoe Lovers

Mountaine Meadows Pottery has some wonderful ceramic plaques with sayings for shoe lovers for under $20.

Everyone who loves shoes knows, Cinderella is proof that shoes can change your life.

Cinderella is proof that shoes can change your life

Do we really need more evidence than this?

When I get tired of shopping I sit down and try on shoes.

What a great idea!

Trying on shoes is my favorite part of any shopping trip, especially when I’m shopping with a friend.

Funny Gift for a friend that you love to laugh with.

We love to try on all different styles of shoes. Then we have a good laugh about the crazy styles we could never possibly wear.

Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg

Only friends can make you laugh so hard the tears run down your leg

Mountaine Meadows Pottery specializes in ceramic wall plaques with humorous sayings. Please enjoy our website while you look for that special gift for your friend.

Ceramic Plaques Make Fun Gifts for Best Friends

Mountaine Meadows Pottery has a new best selling ceramic wall plaque. What a great gift for under $20!

Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg. As always, the most popular sayings relate to laughter and friendship. What a fun gift for your best friend! Who else could make you laugh so hard?

Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg

Fun gift for your best friend!

Another unique gift for a best friend. Ceramic wall plaque with the saying “You will always be my best friend. You know too much.

And the reason best friends can make you laugh so hard is because they know so much about you. Maybe too much?

You will always be my Best Friend. You know too much.

Oh, the memories this can bring back.

Let your best friend know you’re thinking of them. Stop by Mountaine Meadows Pottery and take a look at all our great ceramic wall plaques.

Summer Vacation Gifts

Summer time is here and we are thinking about the beach! Mountaine Meadows Pottery has some fun summer sayings.

Time spent at the beach is never wasted

Summer Fun at the Beach

This plaque often brings back memories of chasing waves and building sandcastles at the beach as children.

If once you have slept on an island you will never be quite the same. Rachel Field

Memories of Special Times

A beautifully sentimental quote from Rachel Field. A wonderful gift for a special friend who loves their time spent in the islands. Mountaine Meadows Pottery also has a wide variety of fun summer gifts, don’t miss the vacation section on our website.

Stitch and Bitch Club

If you enjoy getting together with friends to quilt, knit, or crochet, you are club member. This club also includes people who enjoy making rugs, doing cross-stitch or doing needlepoint.

Stitch and Bitch Club There is nothing that a little needling can't fix

Funny saying for friends who enjoy doing crafts together

Here is a project I’ve recently finished myself.

stair tread rugs

Hooked wool stair tread rugs

I began making these stair tread rugs while working the booth at the Big E in 1995. I finished them last winter while recovering from hip surgery. There are 9 steps, each one is a different size. Each rug has a different flower in succession of bloom. Spring starts at the bottom.  15 years doesn’t seem like too long, does it?

Funny Cat Sayings on Ceramic Wall Plaques

Check out the two newest funny cat sayings from Mountain Meadows Pottery

If cats could talk they wouldn't

Great gift for a cat lover

As all cat lovers know, cats have unique personalities. Sometimes when mine looks at me I can imagine her thinking, “Why would the supreme ruler of the universe speak to a mere human?”

You say Fat Cat like it's a bad thing

I'm not fat, I'm just fluffy

We have a wide selection of funny pet sayings. Click this link to see all our cat lovers gift ideas and dog lovers gift ideas.

Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

Looking for a bridal shower gift, wedding gift or anniversary gift? Here are some great ideas from Mountaine Meadows Pottery.

and they lived happily ever after

For the fairytale wedding

Wedding season is upon us. Here is a wonderful wedding gift for a fairytale wedding. This plaque would also make a perfect bridal shower gift for your princess bride.

I love you to the moon and back

Perfect wedding gift for those star-crossed lovers

This sweet saying also makes a great anniversary gift. Visit our website to see more wedding gift, bridal shower gift, and anniversary gift ideas.