Funny Refrigerator Magnet about Family

Mountaine Meadows Pottery is well known for it’s humorous sayings about family.

“Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a Normal Family.” is one of our most popular family sayings.

Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a normal family

Give as a gift to any family member and keep one for you own refrigerator

Your visiting family and friends will laugh when they see this magnet in your kitchen and they’ll want to know where you found it!

Mountaine Meadows Pottery has a wide variety of funny family sayings on ceramic wall plaques, desk plaques and magnets.

Humorous Gift for Divorced Friend

Mountain Meadows Pottery has the perfect little gifts to bring a Big Smile.

Are you looking for a fun gift to cheer up a friend going through a divorce or break up?

It's better to have loved and lost than to live with a psycho for the rest of your life

Show your support and give a much needed SMILE

All Mountaine Meadows Pottery magnets are shipping in a cute gift package.

Magnet Envelope

small package BIG SMILE

Give the gift of a much needed smile to a friend going through a difficult time.

Mountain Meadows Pottery has saying for all occasions. Follow any of the links to visit our website and see more magnets or Mountain Meadows Pottery ceramic wall plaques, made in the USA.

Humorous Office Magnet for Nurses

Find the perfect little gift that will bring a Big Smile at Mountaine Meadows Pottery.

Need a fun little gift to say thank you to a special Nurse. Try this cute magnet with the saying, Nurses… Here to save your butt, not to kiss it!

Nurses... Here to save your butt not to kiss it

Sure to get a laugh from any nurse!

What a cute way to let nurses know they are appreciated!

Visit the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website for more gifts for the professionals in your life.

Drinking May Cause Memory Loss Magnet

Mountaine Meadows Pottery has a wide selection of humorous magnets for the refrigerator and office.

This magnet would make a cute gift for the host of the next party you attend. WARNING Drinking may cause memory loss, or worse yet… memory loss.

Warning drinking may cause memory loss or worse yet... memory loss

Where did I leave my wine glass? I'm sure I just had it.

Did I mention the wide selection of funny fridge and office magnets that can be found at the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website? Stop by and see us! (and if you see my wine glass…¬† Oh, here it is!)

Fun Gift Magnet for Wine Lovers

Mountaine Meadows Pottery will start featuring humorous magnets in the month of October.

Here is a cute gift for the wine lover in your family.

A meal without Wine is called breakfast

What a fun addition to a gift basket!

Next time you’re giving a bottle of wine, add this magnet to your gift. It’s sure to get a big smile.

Magnet Envelope

small package BIG SMILE

Each magnet is shipped in its own special gift packaging.

Come visit us at the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website to see all our humorous magnet gift ideas.