Perfect Gift for Cousin Under $20.00

Funny Gift for Cousin

Mountaine Meadows funny sayings are perfect gifts for cousins. The “Remember As Far As Anyone Knows We Are A Normal Family” is cute and funny and under $20.00. Families make the best stories. I found this Family Funny blog about funny family stories. Remember there is NO such thing as a NORMAL family.

Sentimental Gift for Cousins

Mountain Meadows has the perfect gift for a far away cousin.

The apple tree image illustrates that all the family apples come from the same tree and the saying, “Cousins are connected Heart to Heart, Distance and Time Can’t Keep them Apart” is the perfect sentimental saying for cousins.


Sentimental Gift for A Long Distance Friend

Has your best friend moved away? At $20, “Friends are connected heart to heart, distance and time can’t keep them apart” is a perfect inexpensive gift for a friend.

Cousin is also a Best Friend

If your cousin is also your best friend then make her laugh with this funny funny saying. “you’ll always be my best friend you know too much”

There are lots of funny, cute and sentimental gifts at Mountaine Meadows all for under $20.00. Check out the sayings for family, friends, and especially the great sayings for cousins. And remember when you buy three plaques you can pick a fourth and get it for FREE!

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