We are  extremely proud to announce a new style of plaque! 6744R.jpg

As you can see it is a new shape and color. But the most exciting part is that it stands on its own just by using the built in copper stand.  We have been asked for a style that is “guy friendly” and our testing has proved that this new style fits the bill. The price is the same, the size is close to our oval plaques. The new rectangles have a bit more heft, and the informal, natural color is a real hit. As with all our plaques, we will happily exchange old sayings for new ones ANYTIME.

Mountaine Meadows has 31 new sayings, in the oval style.

There are a few favorites. Find them all in the best sellers for the New Sayings category.

We are happy to offer 8 new irish sayings, and a new gardening section.
We have created many of our new sayings especially for the stressful economic times we are living in. We can help raise the spirits of your customers with humor and good feelings.
Stay in touch and please call us with any questions or problems you have.

Deborah Jurist

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