We can feel the holidays approaching as people order plaques in larger quantities and reach deep into the variety to find exactly the right saying for someone. One of the new standouts is the Books and Cats plaque.

I got a new kitten about 5 months ago and I have to admit I had never expected to enjoy her so much. I was always a “dog person” so I think she behaves a little more like a dog than most cats. She comes when I call her name, although slowly, and she takes walks with me. So I guess I am pretty lucky.

When you are thinking about presents for this holiday season, don’t forget the pet section at Mountain Meadows.  We have something for dog lovers, cat lovers and even horse lovers. That’s a lot of lovers! Perhaps you should check out our “people” love section while you are at it!

At any rate, shop early and take advantage of our free shipping offer. Even in these rough economic times the future can look a lot rosier if you put a little humor into every day.

It’s cold up here in Vermont, I’m going to go stack some wood,

-Deborah Jurist

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