Next Trade Show BOSTON

Mountain Meadows will be in Boston for the Gift Show March 24th to 27th. This will be our first time at this show so we are pretty excited about meeting new folks and enjoying the new convention center.

It will also be the last free shipping we will offer for a while. So if you didn’t make the Portland, New York or Chicago shows look for us there.

Please bear with us while we fix our shipping “issues”. If you check out and find Overnight shipping the only available option don’t panic. Place your order and we will call you about the shipping you want. Our webmaster is out of the country fir a few days, and will fix this “bump in the road” when he gets back.
See you soon,


March 18th last date for free shipping

This is just a reminder that free shipping for orders placed on the website is about to end on March 18. Don’t miss this great opportunity to fill your Mountaine Meadows display!


2007 is here! And so are the new Mountaine Meadows sayings for January. There are 32! All tested last summer and fall.

Some are precious “Heaven is where you meet all the dogs you ever loved

Some are just a little rude “Put on your big girl panties and get over it

There are lots of new Irish sayings like “When you are here you’re on Irish time”

Click on the New catogory and have some fun. If we see you in Chicago or New York at the Gift Shows, we’ll be offering free freight on orders placed AT THE SHOW.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,



Dear Friends,

We have had the most wonderful holiday season. So many great suggestions for sayings, chats with people choosing presents and just general seasonal enjoyment. To quote Yves, the most energetic and enthusiastic person I know, “It has been nice and busy!”

Tommorrow we begin a seasonal break. Time to rest, celebrate family and friends, and recahrge the batteries.

In January we will be introducing 30 or so new sayings.

Thank you all for a most enjoyable season. It is such a pleasure and an honor to be invited into your lives through the sayings. One thing is for sure, most of us are proud of our “normal families”
Happy Holidays,


New Plaques Only on the Website

There are 20 brand new sayings in the NEW catagory.
They have all been tested at retail shows this fall and will be introduced into the line in January. We do have an inventory of them now, and encourage you to try some. I have listed them roughly in order of their popularity, so this will give you some idea of how they are selling.

And PLEASE try the “When all else fails ask MIMI” saying if you haven’t already.

This plaque is so HOT I promise you that you will be shocked and amazed at how well it sells.

Fall at Mountaine Meadows Pottery

It is here, fall has arrived in the northeast kingdom of Vermont, and it is glorious. We have to drop everything we are doing and indulge our senses in the magnificent, and fleeting colors of our maples. It is time to dance as if no one were watching, sing as if no one were listening, and live every day as if it were our last.

Mountaine Meadows Pottery American craft collection plaques are the perfect reflection of our Vermont  fall colors!


Summer Shows

Summer shows are over and it’s great to be home and making plaques for the fall season. We had a great time in Chicago and New York meeting customers, getting feedback, and new ideas. I have a long list of new sayings I am working on for testing this fall. Keep those suggestions coming!

The wholesale shows proved that Mountaine Meadows plaques have impressive staying power. We set up order plans with several accounts who will rely on us to automatically refill their racks based on past sales.

Some of the new plaques showed themselves to be proven winners.
Here are the top ones:


Mountaine Meadows is offering 11 new sayings  online only. Among them “Mimi” is the most popular saying we have offered in a very long time. It turns out that “Mimi” is a nick name for Grandmother and it is EXTREMLY popular. Take our word for it you will be pleasantly amazed at how well it sells!

You will also find a great reception for the “lipstick” saying, as freinds encourage each other to put their best face on and do what has to be done.

There are plenty more to see in our “new” catagory. Just click on the image in this secton, the blue link, or the word New in the list on the left.

The features of our wholesale website are many, helpful, and easy to use!

If you click on the link marked “my account” in the upper right corner (just under the “bushes” in the header picture), you can view all your past orders, shipping status and payment status of current orders.

Please give us any feedback on the site that you can think of.

new new new new new new

It won’t be long before the new website is up! Stay tuned !