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We are excited to offer you the following 7 plaques!
Right now, they are available ONLY from our website,

so these are really the best and the newest.

6748R.jpg      2650P.jpg

2800P.jpg     7001R.jpg

2273P.jpg  2544P.jpg


“Silence is golden, duct tape is silver”

“My dog thinks I am the Best Mom in the world”

“I’ll take a coffee, mocha, vodka, valium to go”
“Many a child is spoiled because you can’t spank Grandma”
“I love you to the moon and back”
“It’s not the destination, It’s the ride”

More New Sayings for Fall 2009

We are introducing new sayings every few weeks now. It is kind of exciting, as we interact with our customers more and more we fine tune our 2010 line. At the retail shows, we learn what people like and why.

At the shop we figure out the best ways to make the pieces.
Currently we are working on a new line of magnets and pins. The magnets are almost ready so we are trying to decide how to display them. There are a couple of neighborhood kids who like to come in after school. Yesterday I put them to work gluing the magnets onto the backs of the ceramic pieces. It was a learning experience for all, a little messy and very very fun.
kids gluing magnets horz.jpg

The pins are really fun. Today everyone wore one of them so we could see how they showed up on people’s clothes. I’ll take some pictures next week.
Here are the 3 newest sayings:




New Sayings at Mountaine Meadows

We are proud to offer 3 new sayings in the oval style.

We have many new sayings in the works this fall and will announce them to you as soon as
they are ready.

For starters enjoy the first “batch” fresh out of the oven, and still warm!

2269P.jpg      3012P.jpg  3017P.jpg

Did you know:
If you register on the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website you can use the shopping cartto save your plaque choices between visits. This handy tool makes it even easier to build a group of

3, pick a 4th and get it for FREE. And now we offer FREE shipping on orders with a minimum of $40.00. Here is an even greater reason, to register, pick 4 plaques, and get FREE shipping.

The Retail Craft Shows have begun for Mountain Meadows Pottery

We are currently showing our new plaques at the at the Big E in Springfield Mass.

We have all kinds of items we don’t have online or in stores so it may be worth the trip to any of the shows we are doing this fall to see what we are experimenting with. Here is a link to our show schedule retail shows.

The new rectangles are the biggest news at the moment. Perfect gifts for guys they stand up on a desk using the sturdy built in copper wire.

Favorites are:  6150R.jpg6744R.jpg

See all the Gifts for Men by clicking on this link. Gifts for Men

We will be sending emails with the newest sayings as they come out.

And remember, if you register with Mountain Meadows your cart will be saved between visits, so you can add more plaques to get the FREE one and the FREE Shipping


Deborah Jurist

The best part of the winter in Vermont

We are in the deepest of the winter up here in the north. It is the time of year when the quiet and cold drives one inside to read and contemplate and work on the types of projects you would never want to sit still long enough for in the summer. It is a very productive time if you can give yourself up to it.

At the pottery we are all wearing the mismatched socks from the Vermont Socklady we got at Christmas time. Check out her website for some really fun socks solmate socks

We are working on all kinds of winter projects. From making a new batch of our special towel aprons, to figuring out new ways to use the waste heat from our kilns. toewl aprons You can see the heat exchange system in this picture behind the rack of towels and aprons we are drying in the kiln room.

Hopefully this winter, we will develop a method for preheating the wash water for our towels, and glaze buckets and such.

It’s a good time to think about nice hot water.


The holidays are here. We have spent wonderful time with family on Thanksgiving. Our holiday was a milestone for our family, a wonderful young baby and what used to be the younger generation is now the eldest generation. But we are together and that is the watchword.

We have traveled to 4 states selling plaques, meeting people and trying out our new sayings. It was delightful to relish in the new energy inspired by the “Yes We Can” and “Rosa Parks” plaques.

But overall we found the same sincere folks looking for ways to say “I love you” to their families and friends in a frugal, american made, humorous personal way.

The “Buy 3, pick a 4th plaque, and get it FREE” deal is most appreciated this year. We are especially pleased to be able to offer “FREE SHIPPING” for orders of $40.00 or more. Please note the FREE SHIPPING is USPS standard so expect at least a week for delivery.

Enjoy our website and all the variety, and as always we LOVE your feedback!

Warm Wishes from Vermont.

Deborah Jurist


Please check out our NEW section! There are so many fun and inspirational new sayings and we would LOVE to hear your feedback! Just click here to see the whole section. Send us your feedback by using the contact us link and tell us your favorites. If you do this we will give you FREE SHIPPING on your next order! So don’t wait just hop onto the NEW section have a laugh on us and let us know what you are thinking. It’s all good!




We are pleased to announce that we are now able to customize the “When all else fails ask Mimi” plaque.

If you would like this saying with a different name, the cost is $20.00 plus shipping and will take approximately 3 weeks. Click here to send us an email with your order and information

Here’s to the start of the spring thaw!


New Plaques for the Fall

I love the fall because we introduce a big collection of new sayings and then watch to see what everone thinks. At the craft shows we get to talk to people about what they like.

We are doing a lot of sayings for grandparents and grandchildren. A grandchild’s laugh is sunshine in the house and What happens at Gram’s house stays at Gram’s house

are my favorites in that area.

With a sentiment perfect for the holidays we have Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

and Friends are connected heart to heart distance and time can’t keep them apart

Check out the “new” catagory to see all 19 new sayings, and let us know what you think!



As promised we have added about a dozen wonderful new sayings. This is just one of them. Go to the New catagory to see them all. And please let me know what you think of them! And don’t hesitate to let me know what other types of sayings you are looking for. That’s the fun part! Just click on the “comment” link to send your thoughts.