Food in the Fall

No matter what else is going on, we always seem to have new and exciting happenings when it comes to food.  We are getting ready to move into fall, which means that everyone’s menu’s and mindsets are starting to change.  Yves is always giving us new ideas and food is always something that gets everyone interested!  With his expert advice we have all been coming up with some fun, new dishes.

Spring Shows and a Trip to Asia

Spring definitely arrived early this year. It is a little shocking but fully enjoyable. We have been going to shows in the Washington DC area, trying our our newest ideas and meeting our customers. I have noticed a lot of new babies and dogs!

2628P.jpg   2279P.jpg

Families are expanding and I am seeing a lot more Dads at the shows than there used to be.

We met one cute family that required the Dad to entertain their one year old for a very long period of time, while the Mom picked out some plaques. About an hour later, the Dad reappeared in the booth, alone this time, and bought a  standing “brother” plaque for a birthday present.

6226R.jpg    2788B.jpg

I wrapped several plaques under cover of secrecy for surprise gifts. Most notably, the “psycho” plaque, which tends to make people laugh so hard they cry.

It takes all kinds of people to make the world interesting, and it is so fun to get a window into people’s lives.

Retirement plaques were also quite popular, and it was interesting to hear everyone’s story about how their retirements were going. Some people were out looking for jobs because they were bored while others were still reading through their piles of books.

6538R.jpg     2265P.jpg

Mark and are going off to visit our son and new daughter-in-law, Brittan, in Asia. Ariel is coming with us so it should be a very special family time together. I am excited to look at the pottery that inspired me as a young potter while we are in China! Who knows what I will be making in a few months.

Stay tuned!


Holiday Vacation

There are so many reasons this year’s holiday break will be special. We have one baby being born, one trip to visit grandchildren and children in Kansas. One child is going off to Tasmania for 6 months, and numerous children are coming home for the holidays from near and far.

It has been a very productive and exciting year at Mountaine Meadows. With the economy pushing us, we developed many new items and ways of doing things that are cleaner and more efficient.  It was good and useful. We are tired though and ready for a break.

Thank you so much for your interest in Mountaine Meadows in 2009. We are looking forward to 2010.



Thinking about the fall

I am sitting by the fire knitting baby pumpkin hats (here is a link to the pattern I used) for a set of twins that were born just a few days ago. What cold be more appropriate for a fall evening? We have had weddings, births and sadly, a death here at Mountain Meadows. Our long time friend and carpenter David, passed away, suddenly, leaving us wondering how one person could have built so many useful things for us. Everywhere we look we see the products of his labors, tools, and ramps, shelving and displays, cherry cabinets, and pine doors.

Then, a few days ago we got word that a pair of little girl twins were finally born after a very long brave and thoughtful struggle by their parents.

Fall in Vermont is a very important time!  It is beautiful and magical as it transforms the landscape and our lives. We prepare for the quiet of winter, dreaming of the long nights by the warm fire with thoughts of new lives just arrived and lives passed on.

Gifts for loved ones, no matter who they are:

2544P.jpg 2543P.jpg

Enjoy your fall wherever you are,


Wine A Bit, You’ll Feel Better

I have noticed people buying groups of 8, and sometimes more, plaques with sayings about wine.

It got me thinking that there must be some “wine tasting friends” out there who are getting together on a regular basis. So I began to look further into how people are “expanding” their friendships by meeting with their friends to drink wine. Well, I have discovered there are plenty!

What a fabulous idea!

Even here at Mountaine Meadows, Sheila meets once a week with her 3 sisters and Mom to drink wine and visit.  There is a rumor that they are supposed to be doing rug hooking also, but that seems to be secondary to the wine drinking. She brings this plaque along to inspire the right mood, and I guess her Dad wanted it last week to give to a friend.


There are a few awesome sites for people who want to set up this kind of group. The one called  was my favorite. It seems pretty simple all you have to do is invite a few people, pick a wine producing region that you want to experiment with, everyone brings a bottle and the fun begins!

Here’s a blog about wine that looks extremely deep with so many different types of wines that are reviewed and links to other blogs and groups! It’s called The Blog Wine Cellar certainly worth a visit.

But, back to the plaques…..

Mountain Meadows has both blue and brown plaques geared towards wine drinkers.


If you belong to a group of wine drinkers, we may have the perfect gift for you to share with your wine drinking friends. And…. the “deal” we have is great for buying multiples as gifts, because if you choose 3 plaques, you can pick another one and get it FREE.

Happy sipping,


March comes in Like a Lion and Goes Out Like a Lion

Here in the Northeast Kingdom March can be a cruel month, with its mud, and ice, and wind and promise. But it is March 14th and the sun was shining today, it was in the 30′s, AND wonder of wonders my snow drops had peeked their heads out of the dirt wherever the snow had melted back enough!

I am thinking about gardening in the worst way. The Brandywine tomato seeds my kids got me at  Thomas Jefferson’s home, Monitcello have sprouted. Soon I plant my sweet peas. These are my favorites. I get them from Renee Shepard because she has the best variety and lots of fabulous articles on their culture. We have new gardening plaques this year.

3458P.jpg 3457P.jpg 3456P.jpg

We had a March Madness event at the pottery last Friday to help us forget about the weather. I called it Yuck Yuck Day. We paired up into buddies and each person had to figure out what made their buddy say “yuck”, as in “that’s disgusting”. My favorite example was the response elicited from Sheila when she was reminded of the time she emptied her dirty laundry basket and out popped a dead mouse.

The second “yuck” category was jokes. Each person had 2 categories of jokes that they needed to research and then tell. My favorite joke was in the category of fruit. “Why was the baby strawberry so sad? Because her Mom and Dad were both in a jam”

We also dressed up, as usual, here’s a picture.

Happy Spring, Deborah and Sheila


Knit Happens at Mountain Meadows Pottery

I don’t know how it happens. The holidays come and go and suddenly it is winter! The world is frozen solid and it is not too much fun to fight the elements out there in in the cold cruel world. So we “put our socks to the fire” and knit. We call it yoga for the hands.

I’ve been working on a sweater for my son for the last year. It seemed like every time I got enough made for him to try on, it was too small. So I would rip it out and start over.  This winter I AM GOING TO FINISH it! With my luck he will get a job someplace in the tropics and all my work will be obsolete!

But then what can you do  knit happens

Have any of you seen the blogs at

They have some really FUN STUFF!  They also connect people to each other for Stitch and Bitch Clubs.  stitch and bitchThat is another favorite concept here at Mountain Meadows!

Exciting New Developments!

With our summer vacation and the 4th of July behind us, Mountain Meadows is back in full swing and things are bustling. One of our most exciting pieces of news is that Gail just announced that she is pregnant with her third baby! We are so excited for her. There is a great selection of children, baby, and grandchildren wall plaques here at Mountain Meadows. They are the perfect gift for someone who is expecting a new baby. It also seems like the wedding season is in full swing with Alissa and Aaron’s wedding approaching. Plans are coming together for a beautiful Vermont wedding. Not many couples think to request a Mountain Meadows plaque to hang in their new homes, but if you know someone who is tying the knot they can be a great token to remember the day by. See our extensive selection of love, wedding, and anniversary plaques. With all of the excitement in the air we are cruising through July. Pumping out new ideas and products for the upcoming trade show season. So much to look forward to!


Now that everyone has honored their mothers and all of their hard work, it’s Dad’s turn.  Here at Mountaine Meadows our husbands, fathers, and sons (who are now fathers) love Vermont and their time in the great outdoors just as much as we do.   The conversation while dipping plaques often turns to a husband’s last fishing trip, or the bait that he left in someone’s trunk!  Take some time to look through our selection of golf, retirement, cooking,and fishing plaques to find the perfect saying for the father(s) in your life. (Don’t forget the drinking category too!).  As Mark and Deborah’s daughter, I can think back on father’s days when I was five or six.  The sorry excuses for bowls, mugs, and trophies that I gave my dad each year with a giant “Number 1 Dad” scribbled across them.  It was so nice of him to appreciate that a lump of clay was my way of honoring him.  Nowa days I try to make a little better impression.



Here at Mountaine Meadows we have young mothers, grandmothers, and mothers to be. They are all strong women who work and raise their children with love and devotion to both endeavors. Our children range from college professors, graduating seniors, potty trainees, and John Deere tractor lovers.

We celebrate the women who shape the future by raising strong and capable children.

Enjoy Mothers’ Day and share the feelings with someone you love.

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