Fun Gift Magnet for Wine Lovers

Mountaine Meadows Pottery will start featuring humorous magnets in the month of October.

Here is a cute gift for the wine lover in your family.

A meal without Wine is called breakfast

What a fun addition to a gift basket!

Next time you’re giving a bottle of wine, add this magnet to your gift. It’s sure to get a big smile.

Magnet Envelope

small package BIG SMILE

Each magnet is shipped in its own special gift packaging.

Come visit us at the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website to see all our humorous magnet gift ideas.

Mother’s Day Sale FREE SHIPPING

Perfect gift for Mother’s Day (May 8th) for under $20.00 is as easy as pie at Mountain Meadows Pottery. With Free Shipping on all purchases until May 2nd.

Make her laugh with the “When the Queen is happy there is peace in the kingdom”

When the queen is happy there is peace in the kingdom, ceramic wall plaque

Make MOM "Queen for a Day" this year, or perhaps she should always be the Queen.

Or make her melt with the “Mother is the name for God on the lips and in the hearts of children” plaque.

Mother is the name for God on the lips and in the hearts of children, ceramic wall plaque

Mother's Day is a perfect time to honor Mothers' truly Christian heart

Make her feel at peace with a messy house with the “Excuse the mess my children are making memories” saying.

Pardon the Mess, my children are making memories, ceramic wall plaque with saying.

Please excuse MOM for choosing to spend time with her kids and sometimes ignoring the mess in her house

Remind her of how right she can be with the “When all else fails, do it the way your Mother told you” plaque.

If at first you don't succeed, do it the way your Mother told you.

OK Admit it, sometimes Mom really does know best.

Go to the Mother category at Mountain Meadows and find a full variety of great gifts for MOM. All for under $20.00 and there is free shipping until May 2nd. Plus we are offering Free Shipping until May 2nd.

Memory Loss funny saying

Funny Sayings about memory loss from Mountaine Meadows Pottery brighten someone’s day with humor.

Warning drinking may cause memory loss or worse yet memory loss

A magnet is great way to laugh with someone for under $10.00

Don’t let another day go by without giving this perfect gift to a fellow worker as a  cubicle gift, or even as a Valentine’s Day present.

For a laugh about memory loss check out this video by clicking here

Memory Loss song

Go to Mountaine Meadows Pottery, by clicking here,  to view and purchase the Memory Loss Magnet along with 25 other fantastic and funny sayings. All for under $10.00.

Valentines’ Day Gifts

Mountaine Meadows has many comical and sentimental sayings for Valentines’ Day gifts. Ideas for Valentines’ Day gifts for your sweetie are plentiful and fun when you poke around the numerous plaques we offer. Mountaine Meadows Pottery can deliver a superbly packaged gift right to your sweetheart for under $20.00.

Have fun with sayings like, “I love you more today then yesterday, yesterday you really pissed me off”

I love you more today than yesterday, yesterday you really pissed me off. Ceramic wall plaque

For the Mature couple

There are sentimental quotes like “and they lived happily ever after” and “I love you to the moon and back”

traditional sayings like “you are my sunshine”you are my sunshine

Then there is the famous and frequently appropriate “It’s better to have loved and lost than to live with a psycho for the rest of your life” for the divorced friend who needs to be reminded that they did the right thing even in the land of hearts and flowers.

You will be surprised at all the fun possibilities for Valentines Day gifts at Mountaine Meadows Pottery. Browse the LOVE section and find the perfect plaque!

Gifts for Irish Friends

   Perfect Gift for Irish Grandparents
3183P.jpgAll families cherish all their children, but Irish Grandparents have a special place reserved for Grandchildren. If you know a Grandmother who thinks of her littlest ones as a “pot of gold” this Christmas or anytime of year, this plaque is absolutely perfect.

Tell Someone to Go to Hell

3202P.jpgWhat’s the best way to tell someone to go to hell? Diplomacy is a rare gift. Mountaine Meadows has offered this saying for many years and it never fails to create a stir. When we first began selling it customers were determined to become Irish just so they could hang it in their offices. Perfect Christmas gift for lawyers.

I Want to be Irish!

3209P.jpgImagine this, you are sitting in an Irish Pub, everyone is drinking Guiness and eating Shepard’s pie. You and your buddies are telling funny Irish jokes and everyone wishes they were Irish. Hang the “If you’re Lucky Enough to be Irish You’re Lucky Enough” is a great gift for your local Irish pub or bartender. Perfect gift for the son-in-law or daughter-in-law or a hard to shop for father-in-law or mother-in-law.

Mountaine Meadows has the best Irish gifts for everyone in your life. We have a ton of different Irish sayings. Order 3 plaques you will get a fourth for Free and for a short time only: Free Shipping. Offer good October 13th until October 21st.

Website Exclusives New Plaque Sayings

We are excited to offer you the following 7 plaques!
Right now, they are available ONLY from our website,

so these are really the best and the newest.

6748R.jpg      2650P.jpg

2800P.jpg     7001R.jpg

2273P.jpg  2544P.jpg


“Silence is golden, duct tape is silver”

“My dog thinks I am the Best Mom in the world”

“I’ll take a coffee, mocha, vodka, valium to go”
“Many a child is spoiled because you can’t spank Grandma”
“I love you to the moon and back”
“It’s not the destination, It’s the ride”

More New Sayings for Fall 2009

We are introducing new sayings every few weeks now. It is kind of exciting, as we interact with our customers more and more we fine tune our 2010 line. At the retail shows, we learn what people like and why.

At the shop we figure out the best ways to make the pieces.
Currently we are working on a new line of magnets and pins. The magnets are almost ready so we are trying to decide how to display them. There are a couple of neighborhood kids who like to come in after school. Yesterday I put them to work gluing the magnets onto the backs of the ceramic pieces. It was a learning experience for all, a little messy and very very fun.
kids gluing magnets horz.jpg

The pins are really fun. Today everyone wore one of them so we could see how they showed up on people’s clothes. I’ll take some pictures next week.
Here are the 3 newest sayings:




New Sayings at Mountaine Meadows

We are proud to offer 3 new sayings in the oval style.

We have many new sayings in the works this fall and will announce them to you as soon as
they are ready.

For starters enjoy the first “batch” fresh out of the oven, and still warm!

2269P.jpg      3012P.jpg  3017P.jpg

Did you know:
If you register on the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website you can use the shopping cartto save your plaque choices between visits. This handy tool makes it even easier to build a group of

3, pick a 4th and get it for FREE. And now we offer FREE shipping on orders with a minimum of $40.00. Here is an even greater reason, to register, pick 4 plaques, and get FREE shipping.

The Retail Craft Shows have begun for Mountain Meadows Pottery

We are currently showing our new plaques at the at the Big E in Springfield Mass.

We have all kinds of items we don’t have online or in stores so it may be worth the trip to any of the shows we are doing this fall to see what we are experimenting with. Here is a link to our show schedule retail shows.

The new rectangles are the biggest news at the moment. Perfect gifts for guys they stand up on a desk using the sturdy built in copper wire.

Favorites are:  6150R.jpg6744R.jpg

See all the Gifts for Men by clicking on this link. Gifts for Men

We will be sending emails with the newest sayings as they come out.

And remember, if you register with Mountain Meadows your cart will be saved between visits, so you can add more plaques to get the FREE one and the FREE Shipping


Deborah Jurist

Mothers’ Day

I love Mothers’ Day.  Of the 12 people who currently work at Mountaine Meadows, 9 are Mothers and 3 are grandmothers.That tells you a lot about our staff I guess. We have had 5 babies born in the last 3 years and have one due at the end of May!

That’s Alissa on the right, mixing clay, she is 6 months pregnant in this picture!
mixing clay carmen and alissa.jpg

One of the things I love the best about Mothers’ Day though is providing people with sentimental gifts for their Moms, from the electricians who work on our kilns, to the little boys who appear at our door, from time to time, looking for clay to play with. they all respond well when I remind them of the approaching holiday.
In this spirit, we are offering a Mothers’  Day special of shipping for just $2.00. You can ship any amount of plaques via United States Postal Service priority shipping, even just one, to a single address and pay just $2.00. Check out our special Mothers’ Day category for ideas.

But here are 2 of my favorites, both for daughters!

2229B.jpg        2208B.jpg

If you are interested in finding out more about the history of Mothers’ Day you can check it out on Wikipedia. It’s nice to know that it wasn’t invented by Hallmark Cards after all, but was meant to be a day intended as a call to unite women against war when it was first celebrated in 1872.

Happy Mothers’ Day from all of us Mothers at Mountaine Meadows Pottery.