Introducing Mountaine Meadows Little Dishes

Just like Mountaine Meadows plaques, these Little Dishes are lovingly handmade of all natural and recycled materials, by Deborah and her staff, in our Vermont studio.

Use Mountain Meadows Little Dishes to hold spoons, teabags, small soaps, paperclips, rings, etc.

I'll take a caffe mocha vodka valium latte to go please - Little Dish

The perfect place for your spoon when making your morning coffee.

Mountain Meadows Little Dishes are dishwasher safe.

When in doubt add more wine

Add a little whimsy to your diner party by placing Little Dishes on your table.

The sayings Deborah has chosen are special because of the way they speak personally to the important people in our lives, making them smile and laugh.

Don't cry over spilled milk... It could have been wine.

This Little Dish makes a great hostess gift.

All our products are created from soft pliable clay that is mixed here, in our Vermont Studio, and formed by hand. Each individual Little Dish is hand decorated with forms inspired by musical notation, cosmic spheres and astrological imagery.

Little Dishes made by Mountain Meadows Pottery feature specially designed packaging with the gift wrap built right in.

Watch the video in the link above to see how the packaging easily turns the Little Dish into a lovely gift that is all ready to give.


9041 Little Dish Wrapper grey background

The gift wrapper is built right into the packaging.

Fun Kitchen Magnet from Mountaine Meadows Pottery

Mountain Meadows Pottery has a large selection of great refrigerator magnets with humorous sayings.

This magnet is a fun addition to a gift basket full of kitchen items and food.

If it walks out of the refrigerator LET IT GO

and hold the front door open for it too!

Each Mountaine Meadows Pottery magnet ships in its own special gift packaging.

Magnet Envelope

small package BIG SMILE

Visit the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website for other great gift ideas.

Drinking May Cause Memory Loss Magnet

Mountaine Meadows Pottery has a wide selection of humorous magnets for the refrigerator and office.

This magnet would make a cute gift for the host of the next party you attend. WARNING Drinking may cause memory loss, or worse yet… memory loss.

Warning drinking may cause memory loss or worse yet... memory loss

Where did I leave my wine glass? I'm sure I just had it.

Did I mention the wide selection of funny fridge and office magnets that can be found at the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website? Stop by and see us! (and if you see my wine glass…  Oh, here it is!)

Fun Gift Magnet for Wine Lovers

Mountaine Meadows Pottery will start featuring humorous magnets in the month of October.

Here is a cute gift for the wine lover in your family.

A meal without Wine is called breakfast

What a fun addition to a gift basket!

Next time you’re giving a bottle of wine, add this magnet to your gift. It’s sure to get a big smile.

Magnet Envelope

small package BIG SMILE

Each magnet is shipped in its own special gift packaging.

Come visit us at the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website to see all our humorous magnet gift ideas.