Introducing Mountaine Meadows Little Dishes

Just like Mountaine Meadows plaques, these Little Dishes are lovingly handmade of all natural and recycled materials, by Deborah and her staff, in our Vermont studio.

Use Mountain Meadows Little Dishes to hold spoons, teabags, small soaps, paperclips, rings, etc.

I'll take a caffe mocha vodka valium latte to go please - Little Dish

The perfect place for your spoon when making your morning coffee.

Mountain Meadows Little Dishes are dishwasher safe.

When in doubt add more wine

Add a little whimsy to your diner party by placing Little Dishes on your table.

The sayings Deborah has chosen are special because of the way they speak personally to the important people in our lives, making them smile and laugh.

Don't cry over spilled milk... It could have been wine.

This Little Dish makes a great hostess gift.

All our products are created from soft pliable clay that is mixed here, in our Vermont Studio, and formed by hand. Each individual Little Dish is hand decorated with forms inspired by musical notation, cosmic spheres and astrological imagery.

Little Dishes made by Mountain Meadows Pottery feature specially designed packaging with the gift wrap built right in.

Watch the video in the link above to see how the packaging easily turns the Little Dish into a lovely gift that is all ready to give.


9041 Little Dish Wrapper grey background

The gift wrapper is built right into the packaging.

Funny Refrigerator Magnet about Family

Mountaine Meadows Pottery is well known for it’s humorous sayings about family.

“Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a Normal Family.” is one of our most popular family sayings.

Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a normal family

Give as a gift to any family member and keep one for you own refrigerator

Your visiting family and friends will laugh when they see this magnet in your kitchen and they’ll want to know where you found it!

Mountaine Meadows Pottery has a wide variety of funny family sayings on ceramic wall plaques, desk plaques and magnets.

Cute Saying About Grandparents on Ceramic Plaques

Mountaine Meadows Pottery understands that it is the prerogative of a grandparent to spoil their grandchildren.

Many a child is spoiled because you can't spank Grandma

Cute saying for Grandma on a hanging ceramic wall plaque

Many a child is spoiled because you can't spank Grandpa

Funny saying for Grandpa on a standing ceramic desk plaque

These Mountaine Meadows Pottery plaques are a fun unique gift for grandparents. Father’s Day is coming on June 19th, don’t miss our other plaques for Dad and Grandpa.

Fun Twins Saying

Mountaine Meadows has a great gift for the parents of twin!

Discover Wildlife, Raise Twins

Children are always an adventure

This cute twin saying was inspired by family friends with beautiful twin daughters. They came for a visit last weekend.

sharing cereal

Sharing cereal is fun!

We had a wonderful time experiencing the “wildlife” that ensued.

Ring around the Rosie

The twins love for everyone to play "Ring around the Rosie"

Mountaine Meadows has a wide variety of gifts for family and friends.

Wedding and Anniversary Gifts

Looking for a bridal shower gift, wedding gift or anniversary gift? Here are some great ideas from Mountaine Meadows Pottery.

and they lived happily ever after

For the fairytale wedding

Wedding season is upon us. Here is a wonderful wedding gift for a fairytale wedding. This plaque would also make a perfect bridal shower gift for your princess bride.

I love you to the moon and back

Perfect wedding gift for those star-crossed lovers

This sweet saying also makes a great anniversary gift. Visit our website to see more wedding gift, bridal shower gift, and anniversary gift ideas.

Mother’s Day Sale FREE SHIPPING

Perfect gift for Mother’s Day (May 8th) for under $20.00 is as easy as pie at Mountain Meadows Pottery. With Free Shipping on all purchases until May 2nd.

Make her laugh with the “When the Queen is happy there is peace in the kingdom”

When the queen is happy there is peace in the kingdom, ceramic wall plaque

Make MOM "Queen for a Day" this year, or perhaps she should always be the Queen.

Or make her melt with the “Mother is the name for God on the lips and in the hearts of children” plaque.

Mother is the name for God on the lips and in the hearts of children, ceramic wall plaque

Mother's Day is a perfect time to honor Mothers' truly Christian heart

Make her feel at peace with a messy house with the “Excuse the mess my children are making memories” saying.

Pardon the Mess, my children are making memories, ceramic wall plaque with saying.

Please excuse MOM for choosing to spend time with her kids and sometimes ignoring the mess in her house

Remind her of how right she can be with the “When all else fails, do it the way your Mother told you” plaque.

If at first you don't succeed, do it the way your Mother told you.

OK Admit it, sometimes Mom really does know best.

Go to the Mother category at Mountain Meadows and find a full variety of great gifts for MOM. All for under $20.00 and there is free shipping until May 2nd. Plus we are offering Free Shipping until May 2nd.

Funny Irish Sayings Perfect for St Patrick’s Day

Funny Irish Sayings make people laugh on St Patrick’s Day

Mountaine Meadows is famous for its Irish plaques with funny sayings. We have been making them for a long time and sayings about Irish Friendship and Grandchildren are a specialty.

Cousins are connected Heart to Heart, Distance and Time can't break them apart

Stay connected with Irish cousins no matter how far away they are

Right now one of the most popular ceramic plaques we make  that has an Irish saying is:

Irish saying on ceramic plaque. Children are the rainbow of life. Grandchildren are the pot of gold

Wall plaque for Grandmother or Grandfather

Irish diplomacy The art of telling someone to go to hell and having them look forward to the trip

Irish Humor for Everyone

Now is the right time to visit Mountaine Meadows special section devoted completely to Irish Sayings and Quotes perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

There are 19 different sayings all with Irish quotes and imagery.

Be sure to check out the Buy 3, Pick a Fourth and get it FREE!

St Patrick’s Day quotes

Gifts for St Patrick’s Day abound at Mountaine Meadows Pottery.

There are fabulous humorous sayings as well as inspirational quotes  about family and Irish Blessings.

Irish saying on ceramic plaque. Children are the rainbow of life. Grandchildren are the pot of gold

The Irish have many hilarious sayings. Mountaine Meadows has a fantastic selection of funny Irish quotes that are perfect for all kinds of people.

Irish funny quote Nurses, here to save your arse not to kiss it

Perfect gift for an Irish Nurse

A Mountaine Meadows wall plaque could be the perfect gift for your Irish friend. There are sayings for Irish girlfriends and for the office.

Irish diplomacy The art of telling someone to go to hell and having them look forward to the trip

Perfect office plaque for lawyer

Go directly to the Irish plaques at Mountaine Meadows Pottery to choose your favorites. If you buy 3 you can pick a 4th and get it free.

Perfect Gift for Cousin Under $20.00

Funny Gift for Cousin

Mountaine Meadows funny sayings are perfect gifts for cousins. The “Remember As Far As Anyone Knows We Are A Normal Family” is cute and funny and under $20.00. Families make the best stories. I found this Family Funny blog about funny family stories. Remember there is NO such thing as a NORMAL family.

Sentimental Gift for Cousins

Mountain Meadows has the perfect gift for a far away cousin.

The apple tree image illustrates that all the family apples come from the same tree and the saying, “Cousins are connected Heart to Heart, Distance and Time Can’t Keep them Apart” is the perfect sentimental saying for cousins.


Sentimental Gift for A Long Distance Friend

Has your best friend moved away? At $20, “Friends are connected heart to heart, distance and time can’t keep them apart” is a perfect inexpensive gift for a friend.

Cousin is also a Best Friend

If your cousin is also your best friend then make her laugh with this funny funny saying. “you’ll always be my best friend you know too much”

There are lots of funny, cute and sentimental gifts at Mountaine Meadows all for under $20.00. Check out the sayings for family, friends, and especially the great sayings for cousins. And remember when you buy three plaques you can pick a fourth and get it for FREE!

Top 5 Gifts for a Divorced Friend

Gift ideas for divorced friends can be a challenge. It can be especially hard when they are a recently divorced family. Mountaine Meadows has 5 funny and heartfelt gifts to give to just divorced person.

A funny gift for a recently divorced friend

The plaque which says, “It is better to have loved and lost than to live with a psycho for the rest of your life” will make just about any newly divorced person laugh. It is also perfect and funny gift for a recently separated friend who might not actually be divorced yet.


A creative and unique gift for a divorced friend

All Mountaine Meadows plaques are unique and creative and made by hand in our Vermont studio.  The “It is not how fast you run or how high you climb but how well you bounce” plaque is a great gift for under $20.00 for a divorced friend who needs a little encouragement that they WILL bounce back.
A humorous gift for a separated girlfriend

“If it has testicles or tires it is going to give you trouble” Here is a funny gift for a recently divorced girlfriend or even a married girlfriend who needs a good laugh. Whatever the situation girlfriends can all agree that if it has testicles it WILL give you trouble.


Encouragement gift for divorced woman

Every girl needs a little encouragement  when things get rough. But if she “puts on a little lipstick, she’ll be fine” This plaque gently encourages your girlfriend by reminding her that things can return to normal even after a divorce.

Poem gift for divorce

The only way to face the future is to let go of the past. Here is a terrific gift for a recently divorced friend who needs a little encouragement, and it is tryly a poem! Yesterday is history, to morrow is a mystery that why we call it the present. 

Divorce is a hard thing to get through but the best help comes from other people facing the same challenges. Many of our customers have discovered great Mountaine Meadows  plaques through the website It is packed full of resources and information.

Mountaine Meadows  has tons and tons of great sayings for many different relationships and events. They are all only $14.95 and come packaged in a free gift box. Visit the Mountaine Meadows website for over 200 sayings.