Laugh So Hard Plaque

Funny Sayings for your Best Friends can be a Gift you can both enjoy!

Sometimes I laugh so hard the tears run down my leg

No matter what happens laughing is the best medicine

If you are looking for a great gift for under $20.00 you simply have to visit You will see loads of great gift ideas for friends and relatives.

Housework sayings to make you smile

Let everyone know the facts: Your house will not be dragged down by too much cleaning. Mountain Meadow Pottery has many sayings about housework, all of them funny.

I Can't Clean Because I Get Distracted By All The Cool Things I Find

Who doesn't have this problem?

This is a perfect saying for the office or home. Find all our other cleaning sayings at



Keep Calm and Carry On

Men’s gifts can be hard to find. Mountain Meadow Pottery has many possibilities all hand made in the USA of fine ceramics. Free shipping for orders of $25.00 or more.

Keep Calm and Carry On

A classic saying for the desk or to hang on the wall

Give me bacon or give me more bacon

Bacon is the new candy

WD 40 and Duct tape ceramic desk plaque

Celebrate WD 40 and Duct Tape with all your practical problem solvers

Check out all the fabulous desk and wall plaques at Mountain Meadow Pottery. They make awesome gifts at on;y $14.95 each. And if you buy 3 you can pick a 4th and get it FREE.

Dog Sayings that Are NEW

If you have a “Grand Dog” either because you got one to fill your empty nest, or you know someone who does, this plaque expresses the joy we feel about our super happy pups.

My dog is not disobedient he's just dog spontaneous

Who would not want this adorable dog jump into your arms when you get home?


Go to to see all our dog and pet sayings.

Introducing Mountaine Meadows Little Dishes

Just like Mountaine Meadows plaques, these Little Dishes are lovingly handmade of all natural and recycled materials, by Deborah and her staff, in our Vermont studio.

Use Mountain Meadows Little Dishes to hold spoons, teabags, small soaps, paperclips, rings, etc.

I'll take a caffe mocha vodka valium latte to go please - Little Dish

The perfect place for your spoon when making your morning coffee.

Mountain Meadows Little Dishes are dishwasher safe.

When in doubt add more wine

Add a little whimsy to your diner party by placing Little Dishes on your table.

The sayings Deborah has chosen are special because of the way they speak personally to the important people in our lives, making them smile and laugh.

Don't cry over spilled milk... It could have been wine.

This Little Dish makes a great hostess gift.

All our products are created from soft pliable clay that is mixed here, in our Vermont Studio, and formed by hand. Each individual Little Dish is hand decorated with forms inspired by musical notation, cosmic spheres and astrological imagery.

Little Dishes made by Mountain Meadows Pottery feature specially designed packaging with the gift wrap built right in.

Watch the video in the link above to see how the packaging easily turns the Little Dish into a lovely gift that is all ready to give.


9041 Little Dish Wrapper grey background

The gift wrapper is built right into the packaging.

NEW FOR 2012

 Happy New Year to All.

       We have been very busy up here in Vermont, designing new things for 2012. It’s been fun to make functional pieces again. And there is a very lively new design  pattern to go with the dishes.It is made with slip like the berries we make on the plaques, but we’ve added colors, and a contemporary look that is musical and fun.

If we don’t get to see you at one of the trade shows, I hope you will visit the website via one of the links below, or give Lynne, Deborah or Mark a call, at 1-800-639-6790. Here is a little sampling of  all the new items.  To place a wholesale order  go to our website and log in  here


First off let me introduce the new Little Dishes. At 2.5″ x 5″ they make a sweet little stopping place for spoons, rings, paperclips, push pins, soaps, and all manner of  little things.

But the really fun part is the built in gift wrapper, printed on recycled paper and held in place with 100% cotton twine and a home made clay button.

All you have to do is unwind the string, fold the paper flaps to the front, and rewind the string. The Little Dish is all wrapped up and ready to give.

Gift Wrapper and Cotton String with Button - Part of the Little Dish Package

Gift Wrapper and Cotton String with Button - Part of the Little Dish Package


There are 12 Little Dishes in all with themes just like the plaques. Each one comes with its own package as described above.

If It Walks Out Of The Refrigerator - Let It Go

Every counter top could use one of these #8750d


Please Don't Clean Up My Mess You'll Confuse Me and Screw Up My World

This Little Dish can go in a house as well as it does in the office #8310d


To place a wholesale order  go to our website and log in  here


Of course there are new Oval and Rectangle Plaques as well. We tested all the new sayings as we always do, during the holiday season, so you can be sure that they will be good sellers. Here is another little sampling:

Poor Planning On Your Part Does Not Constitute An Emergency For Me

Perfect for this "Last Minute World" we live in #3361p


Make Drinks for Yourself Before Serving Others

Sometimes it is every girl for herself #2828p


In Wine There Is Wisdom In Beer There Is Freedom In Water There Is Bacteria

Proof that Beer is GOOD for you #6726r

Last, but not least, we have new magnets for you as well. The magnets are little dynamos in this economy, making people smile. Their envelopes come FREE with the magnets now, and have their own holder. We also have a new display, handmade in Vermont by Metal Artist,  Steven Bronstein.  Blackthorne Forge also exhibits work in the Handmade section of the New York Gift Show.  Click here to see his work 

To place a wholesale order  go to our website and log in  here

What Part of Y"all Don't Y'all Understand?

Could it be any simpler? #mH107



Cousins are Connected Heart to Heart Distance and Time Can't Keep Them Apart

A best selling plaque becomes a magnet #mF104

To place a wholesale order  go to our website and log in  here


Martini Saying So Funny It Makes Your Eyes Water

In Case of Emergency Make Drinks for Yourself Before Serving Others

It's every girl for herself in this crazy world

In Case of an Emergency – before you do anything in this crazy world – you must make drinks for yourself.  It is just like when you are on an airplane and you are traveling with a child and the oxygen mask comes down. Put it on yourself first.  The theory is the same. You want to be calm and collected right?

Go to the Mountain Meadows website and see so many other funny plaques with sayings you will be delighted for hours.


Funny Refrigerator Magnet about Family

Mountaine Meadows Pottery is well known for it’s humorous sayings about family.

“Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a Normal Family.” is one of our most popular family sayings.

Remember, as far as anyone knows we are a normal family

Give as a gift to any family member and keep one for you own refrigerator

Your visiting family and friends will laugh when they see this magnet in your kitchen and they’ll want to know where you found it!

Mountaine Meadows Pottery has a wide variety of funny family sayings on ceramic wall plaques, desk plaques and magnets.

Fun Kitchen Magnet from Mountaine Meadows Pottery

Mountain Meadows Pottery has a large selection of great refrigerator magnets with humorous sayings.

This magnet is a fun addition to a gift basket full of kitchen items and food.

If it walks out of the refrigerator LET IT GO

and hold the front door open for it too!

Each Mountaine Meadows Pottery magnet ships in its own special gift packaging.

Magnet Envelope

small package BIG SMILE

Visit the Mountaine Meadows Pottery website for other great gift ideas.

Humorous Gift for Divorced Friend

Mountain Meadows Pottery has the perfect little gifts to bring a Big Smile.

Are you looking for a fun gift to cheer up a friend going through a divorce or break up?

It's better to have loved and lost than to live with a psycho for the rest of your life

Show your support and give a much needed SMILE

All Mountaine Meadows Pottery magnets are shipping in a cute gift package.

Magnet Envelope

small package BIG SMILE

Give the gift of a much needed smile to a friend going through a difficult time.

Mountain Meadows Pottery has saying for all occasions. Follow any of the links to visit our website and see more magnets or Mountain Meadows Pottery ceramic wall plaques, made in the USA.