Bath Soap made in France introduced by Mountain Meadows

When Deborah first tried this French bath soap she was in France! Of course it was marvelous…… so she began to look for a supplier in the USA.

She gave several bars to friends and family over the holidays in 2012, and they began asking for more scents!

It was clear that Mountain Meadows should offer these bars of wonderful soap to our customers.

Strawberry and Tomato Vine French triple milled bath soap 7.5 oz.

The long lasting scent and wonderful smooth feel of this soap will make you want to try all the other scents

There are 8 different scents for starters, all of them long lasting and natural smelling without being over powering. The soap is gentle on the skin and makes a terrific add on gift.

Pineapple and Coconut scented French Bath Soap 7.5 oz.

This does NOT smell like a pina colada, it smells naturally wonderful and beachy

Please visit the website and try the first product Mountain Meadows has offered that they didn’t make themselves. Click here.

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